Rhubarb forest


1 feather clip-in.

3 feathers

Handmade in Rhubarb forest.

The length of the feathers varies from 17-30 cm.
(Just let me know if you want the feathers in a certain length!)

In each hair-clip the feathers are combined brown, white, blonde grizzly and brown grizzly (3 feathers), But they can also be combined after your wishes.
I also have colored feathers in bright colors; turquoise, pink, blue and lilac. Please contact Rhubarb forest for a custom made hair clip-in! rhubarb forest@gmail.com

Since the feathers are not synthetic and of very high quality, they are resistant to water.

Get over yoru hill and see what you find there,
With grace in your heart and feathers in your hair.

99 SEK